Sebastion (bastion05) wrote in chemecommunity,

Looking for some Female Chemical Engineers

Just got this email today, I believe this is open to all female chemes everywhere. If you have any questions, please respond to the email address included below:

>WGBH is working on a new project, Extraordinary Women Engineers
>Project, and we are looking for young women engineers as
>potential subjects for video and text profiles on a Web site we
>are developing with the National Academy of Engineering. We're
>looking for chemical engineers and wondered if you might have
>any leads on potential candidates. Because
>we're looking for someone who will inspire high school girls,
>we'd prefer candidates that are just starting out in their
> We're specifically looking for:
> --women under 35
> --with just a BS of MA in engineering (we prefer someone
>without a PhD) --working in the industry (rather than at a
>university) --it would be a plus if the engineers were Asian,
>Latina, or African American
> This is the preliminary information we'd need before interviewing a
> --a bio or any links about her on the Web --a photo (or link
>to a photo of her on the Web), so we can assess whether we
>think she might make a good video candidate --An email
>address or phone number
> If you know of anyone or would like more information, please
> Borgna Brunner
> Educational Outreach
> One Guest Street
> Boston, MA 02135
> 617-300-3850
> borgna_brunner (at)
> Thanks for your help!
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