leo angelo (livejoornal) wrote in chemecommunity,
leo angelo

For Chemical Engineers Only


I found something amazing in her
Like that special thing in polymers
Unique but spontaneous
Covalently bonded yet flexible

She's easy to understand
Unlike the IUPAC Method
No need for partial derivatives
Nor tedious Fourier and Laplace

You need no thermodynamics
To describe her changing state
Only a little understanding of kinetics
To predict how fast are her rates

She's more than a transfer function
Far important than unit operations
Her dynamics are not represented by equations
Yet she's as simple as your ordinary addition.

However life is a distillation column,
With no reflux and delta points
I'm the bottoms and she's the condensate
And it is in our nature to separate.

== I saw this posted outside our department, posted by Prof Bajamundi. I don't know if he composed it or downloaded somewhere.
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