leo angelo (livejoornal) wrote in chemecommunity,
leo angelo


Have you ever had, in your previous ChE courses, a requirement in which you are to submit a design proposal regarding practical usage of fuels? It's not some plant design requirement for graduation but just a little feasibility/ comparison thing. This subject is just intro to chem engg.

Examples are like, which is more economical: propane or methane as fuel for heat exchangers. Or a proposal for ammonia as a substitute fuel. Something like that that encompasses topics on fuels and mass and energy balances. We are to present our proposal as a final project for the course. Can anyone help? The deadline is nearing and I still don't have a topic in mind.

Garr. I'm bad at these things. A reason why I never went to Chem. Why not just give me the problem and I'll solve it.

Anyway, thanks.
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